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breaking into the new areas

I had a couple of opportunities to participate in to life drawing class recently. I enjoy the intense moment, especially when the drawing time is limited.

During the first session,  I drew the figures realistically, however I tried close drawing of the light/shadow.  I never have been confident in drawing light and shadow, because it always looked complicated to me.

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my experience in Wellington LUX light festival 2017

How fortunate I was not to catch any rain at all in Wellington! My destination Wellington holds the LUX light festival as an annual event, and this festival was the primary purpose of my field trip for ideaschool.

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all set, ready for making the sculpture

After exploring different materials and what direction I am moving towards, I arrived at a paper sculpture that grows from the wall to the ceiling. And so the process of making the sculpture began… Continue reading “all set, ready for making the sculpture”

… and how experiments went

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…and how research unfolded

I extended my research as I wanted to develop my ideas on how I should go about biomorphic sculpture using the repeated unit combined with light. Continue reading “…and how research unfolded”

How it started

After the long break over the summer, I began my final year of study. With quite a bit of change in safety regulations, I somehow, lost my creative spirit for making things, kind of like tripping over something and all my limbs going numb; wiggling myself from side to side like a worm..

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a quote from Mark Manson

“90% of your plans are going to fail no matter what you do. Get used to it.”

Mark Manson

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glass blowing experience

This is another art-making experience my son and I had during our stay in Japan. Over the snowy mountains, we drove about an hour from our home to this beautiful Kabutoyama Glass Studio situated in north part of Nishinomiya, Hyogo.

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soldered soldier

During our stay in our home town, Ono, Hyogo, Japan, my son and I had an opportunity to attend the soldering workshop and meet a local artist, Mr Tadashi Inoue and a woodcrafter, Mr Yozo Tanaka. Continue reading “soldered soldier”

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